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Poultry comprises chicken, Duck, turkey, pigeon, and so on; here are the information of poultry diseases, management, poultry farming

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Chicken, Disease, Managent

Chicken are most important species of poultry,

Piegeon Diseases

ND and Pegeon Pox are most fatal and common diseases in pigeon in bangladesh.

Duck Farming

Duck need less feed as they scavange their feed in free range, Disease susceptibility in duck is less to chick

Turkey Farming

Turkey farming get favourite in bd

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Its a great sector to meet up the need of meat

egg production consists of great work 

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Poultry management diseases treatment control prevention

Poultry Diseases Videos

There are Hundred of VIDEOS from field case study 

The VIDEOS are helpful Resources to learn the Livestock and Poultry

various poultry diseases

various duck diseases

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Poultry Diseases

Livestock Diseases

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