Livestock Diseases

To learn livestock surf through this web, here is document, video atout goat, cattle, buffalo, sheep… the diseases and management of livestock

Cattle Diseases

Cattle: Dairy, Beef Farming. In bangldesh Dairy farming is growing business. Beef fattening are increasing day by day. specially

Buffalo Diseases

Most of the livestock of BD contributed by Buffalo, Buffalo farming does not need intensive care as dairy farming does.

Goat Diseases

Goat farming is very popular in bd. It needs small capital investment. It produces 3/4 goatlings at a time. black bengal goat is unique breed.

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There hundreds of livestock case studies


Livestock Diseases Videos

There are Hundred of VIDEOS from field case study 

The VIDEOS are helpful Resources to learn the Livestock and Poultry


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Poultry Diseases

Livestock Diseases

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