Cattle Diseases

Various cattle disease 


In theileriosis, fever occurs 7–10 days after parasites are introduced by feeding ticks,  may be >106°F (41°C). Lymph node swelling becomes pronounced and generalized.  Anorexia develops, and the animal rapidly loses condition; lacrimation and nasal discharge may occur. Just before death, a sharp decrease in body temperature is usual, and pulmonary exudate pours from the nostrils. Death usually occurs 18–24 days after infection. 

Unlike many other parasitic diseases, it affects adults more severely than young cattle in which infection is frequently subclinical. It causes fever, haemoglobinaemia, haemoglobinuria, anaemia and death.


Bacillus anthracis, a large gram-positive rod, causes anthrax in humans and animals.

More Cattle Diseases

FMD, BEF, Milk fever, Diarrhoea are most prevalent diseases


Sore in hoof


Brisket Edema


Sub mandibular Edema

Rain Scald

Alopacia in anal region

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