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Veterinarians of Bangladesh: We all Serve People in A unique network; Besides Professional Service this network is a virtual "Blood Bank" of the Vets. The Veterinarians who wants to contribute to social service can join us.

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It takes just two minutes. Add yourself to the veterinarians unique network and build a strong veterinarian’s bond by a network. Publish yourself online. Help others to find you just one click and get your service in hand, in need, in time…

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Online Digital veterinary Rx make veterinary practice Innovative

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E-veterinary Services

Veterinary Services at hand, at your door, The Digital Services, Services at anytime anywhere

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It is not only a website, it comprises all the information for farmers, veterinarian and all

Unique Network

Here YOU Can buy and sale LIVESTOCK 

Here you can buy and sale your chicken, turkey, pigeon, duck…..

Want to buy or sale
meat, milk and egg just click here

Just click to find the prescribed medicine 

There hundreds of livestock case studies


Veteriary Coprises all the animals and birds. Here are all the information related to veterinary 

Here are the all the information about diseases, case studies 

For the control of diseases, Preventive measure is the best proactice 

In the veterinary management should be best priority 

Poultry management diseases treatment control prevention

Its a great sector to meet up the need of meat

egg production consists of great work 

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Livestock and Poultry Diseases Videos

There are Hundred of VIDEOS from field case study. The VIDEOS are helpful Resources to learn the Livestock and Poultry. Cattle Diseases, Poultry Diseases, Livestock Farming, Goat Diseases and Farming, Duck Diseases, Pigeon and so on—


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